Brian Underwood

I am a software engineer with experience in large scale web development, database design, data analysis, and machine learning.

Web Development

I have over a dozen years developing dynamic web applications in various languages and frameworks. I have built fully backend rendered applications, single-page applications, and many in between. In doing so I have gained deep experience in HTML, CSS, REST, and GraphQL.


I am an expert developer of Ruby and Rails. I have worked with amazing engineers developing large scale applications at Fishbrain, Couchsurfing, and Northwoods.


I worked as an engineer at Good Eggs on many full-stack Javascript applications. I have also worked on many Javascript applications in both professional and personal projects.


I have been developing applications in Elixir and Phoenix since 2016.


Data analysis

I have often worked with data analysis and machine learning via Python and R

I am a husband, a father, and a bit of a goof.